Best WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

If you are an Amazon Affiliate seeking a great Affiliate WordPress plugin to make your life easier, you might not know exactly what to look for. You might need to be educated on certain limitations in the Amazon Associates Program before you realize why a plugin such as AMZ Image can help you out immensely! Let’s go ahead and cover some of the basics behind plugins like this one and you might consider adding some new plugins to your site today! If you are seeking one of the best WordPress plugins for Amazon Associates, then look no further!

What Kind of WordPress Plugins Are most Popular for Amazon Affiliates? 

The typical Amazon affiliates WordPress user is seeking to minimize the amount of time that they spend uploading their articles, putting in their links, pictures, and so on. As somebody looking for an affiliate plugin for WordPress, you will usually settle for one of the following:

  • Page builders.
  • Google Site Kit
  • Amazon stock picture/link tools. 

The typical affiliate plugin WordPress users will use is one of the above options. The Amazon Affiliate program does not help you construct your website. Nor will it help you see your rankings on Google, set up AdSense accounts, and so on. Many people, though, will settle for a plugin that helps input pictures and/or links. 

Amazon Images Can Be Difficult to Acquire as an Amazon Affiliate

One of the reasons that plugins such as AMZ Image are so popular as an Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin is that images are very limited using the standard tools. As you might already know, you cannot simply download the images from Amazon and upload them to your site without violating the Amazon Associates agreement and terms, since this could get your account banned for life. 

The Problem with SiteStripe

Amazon Associates Site Stripe tool

As you should already know as an Amazon Affiliate, to create links and post pictures on your site you will need to use the Amazon Associates SiteStripe. Those who are typical customers will not see this banner at the top of the screen. However, if you are an affiliate, it will always be seen at the top of your screen. Regardless, it doesn’t quite offer all the features you may need. 

It Doesn’t Center the Images For You

When using the SiteStripe, you can click on “Image” to access the HTML code that you can post on your website. This code automatically includes your referral link, making it so that your site’s visitors can click through to Amazon using the image. However, the HTML code will not be automatically aligned how you will want it. 

It Doesn’t Make a No-Follow Link

You have probably heard about no-follow links by this point in your career as an affiliate. If not, consider looking up and reading more on the SEO benefits that these can have for your site. If you use the SiteStripe tool, you will have to manually edit the HTML code to make it a no-follow link. 

You Have to Exit the WordPress Editor or Deal with Code

AMZ Image WordPress Plugin

With AMZ Image plugin, there is no need to exit the WordPress page or post editor and this can save you hours and hours of time going back and it eliminates having to deal with any coding. This is an all-in-one solution that will save you time and increase your conversions. 

There is Only One Picture to Use!

Perhaps the biggest problem that comes with the SiteStripe tool is that it will only give you access to one picture. On the product page itself, you will probably find multiple. However, you can only use what the SiteStripe gives you unless you use a separate tool such as AMZ Image. This can be a hassle for those who want their pages to have multiple stock photos with affiliate links for a particular product. 

Why AMZ Image is a Great Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

If you are on the lookout for a great Amazon Affiliates WordPress plugin that can help alleviate some of the problems that we just mentioned above, then you should consider AMZ Image. Let’s take a look at some of the top features of this product that make it a popular plugin for countless Amazon 

Choose from More than One Picture

The main reason that an Amazon WordPress Plugin Affiliate like this one works so well for its users is that it allows them to choose from more than one picture. If you only use SiteStripe instead, you will quickly run into problems while trying to do this. 

No Coding Required

One of the reasons that people use WordPress in the first place is that it offers you the ability to create professional sites without ever getting good at coding. Previously, those who wanted to make a website would need a lot of technical skills. AMZ Image adds to this innovation by helping users to make high-quality affiliate links without the extra coding knowledge that would otherwise be necessary. 

Links Are Automatically Monetized

You shouldn’t get an Amazon Affiliate plugin WordPress without the ability to create your links automatically. After all, the SiteStripe tool can help you with making links. It is the formatting of the links and positioning of the photos that people typically need help with. 

Make No Follow Links Automatically

If you don’t make your affiliate links no-follow, then Google will point the authority over to Amazon. In turn, the SEO for your site will take a toll. As a general rule of thumb, you should always make each of your referral links to be no-follow. Don’t worry, AMZ Image can handle this for you. 

Bulk Pricing for Those Who Own Multiple Websites

If you own multiple websites and want to get a good deal on a plugin like this one, you can purchase an unlimited license. For the cost of two individual licenses, you can put AMZ Image on as many of your websites as possible. 

Automatically Updates Pricing

Have you thought about putting the price of products on your page? This is actually against the Associates’ Agreement since, after all, prices change. However, with AMZ Image you can post the current prices for each of your products. These prices will update in real-time should the seller ever make a change to the price! This will let you have the prices on your page without potentially violating the Amazon rules. 

How to Use AMZ Image

Before you jump in and start using AMZ Image, you might need some guidance on how the tool is used. Let’s go ahead and check out how this plugin can be used on your website today! 

1. Buy and Install the WordPress Plugin


This Affiliate Amazon WordPress plugin can be installed in seconds after purchasing, just like most other plugins for WordPress. There is also a 30-day money back guarantee that you can take advantage of before deciding if this is the right plugin for your needs. This is not a free Affiliate WordPress plugin and you can purchase the plugin today by navigating over to the official AMZ Image website

2. Go to the Post You Want to Edit

Now that you have the premium version of AMZ Image you are now ready to start using it on your website. To start, go to the post that you want to edit. There, you will find an “Add Amazon Images” button next to the “Add Media” button. When you click the button, you will then be prompted to start using the AMZ Image plugin for this post. 

3. Search by ASIN or by Keyword

To find the right picture for your needs, you can search by the official ASIN or by the keyword you are targeting. Once you enter this information, you will be presented with many different options to consider putting in your post. Scroll through the options that you find in order to choose the one(s) that are best for your post. 

4. Choose Your Image and Load into the Post! 

Once you have found an image or two that you know would make your site’s page look better, you can then simply click the image, the size you want, and then the “Insert Into Post” button. Once you have done this for the first time, you will instantly see the vast difference between using SiteStripe and a great affiliate plugin such as AMZ Image. 

How AMZ Image Stacks Up Against a Top Competitor

This is not the only Amazon plugin that you can find on the market. In reality, there are some competitors for AMZ Image that you should also check out. One of the top competitors that we find on the market for AMZ Image is AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin). 

AAWP vs AMZ Image

AAWP is another popular Amazon affiliate plugin for WordPress that helps affiliates to create links. However, we find that it doesn’t quite offer the same high-quality features in terms of stock images. In addition, AAWP is also a little more expensive than AMZ Image. Due to more features and a more affordable price, we would recommend AMZ Image over AAWP, but hey we might be a little biased!

Who is AMZ Image Designed For? 

WordPress plugins for Amazon Affiliate associates like this one are typically not suitable for site owners that are not members of the Amazon Affiliate program. However, there is a certain group of people that will typically be the target users of a plugin such as this one. Let’s check out who the top users of AMZ Image usually include below. 

New Amazon Affiliates

As a new member of the affiliate program, Amazon plugins such as this one will typically make your life a lot easier. Also, it will make the learning curve that you need to go through as a new associate much shorter and easier to surmount. Not to mention, there are various pieces of HTML coding that you might never have to master!

Those with Multiple Niche Sites

A WordPress Amazon Affiliate plugin like this one works well with those who have multiple sites. If you intend on purchasing the premium version, those who have multiple sites will get the best deal. This is because for the price of two licenses you can put AMZ Image on as many sites as you want to. Therefore, those with three or more sites, in particular, will get the best deal. 

Web Designers

If you are a professional web designer, one of your target customers might be those who are setting up Amazon Affiliate niche sites. If so, then having this plugin handy with unlimited licenses can add some extra value to your delivered products. 

Where Can You Check Out AMZ Image? 

If you have been considering many different Amazon Affiliate plugins for WordPress and AMZ Image has struck your attention, then you should visit the official site to learn more about the exact features, the price, and so on. If you are ready to save some time and increase the quality of your niche site, AMZ Image might be the best WordPress plugin for your needs!