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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Installation Issues? 

We have created an in-depth tutorial page that walks you through the entire installation process.

What’s my AMZ Image license Key? 

When you purchase, your license number will automatically be sent via email within 5 minutes. If you’ve not received it, please check your spam folder. Also, if your Paypal email is different than your primary email address – please check that account as well. You can also login here to find your license key and download the plugin.

The plugin is requesting a “License Secret Key”

If this is happening, please copy and paste the following key:  5ace4994529386.29639890

Where is my Amazon API Access and Secret Key? 

Click here to login to Amazon and grab both of your keys. Amazon API 5.0 keys are required to function. 

Do you have a Gutenberg (New WordPress Modular) version?

Yes, we just released a new beta version that is compatible with the newest version of WordPress Gutenberg. You can download the new version here for free. All you need to do is add in your keys and add the “License Secret Key” listed below

I get a “Service Unavailable” error when activating the plugin.

This is an error on Amazon API and often caused by throttling due to an inactive Amazon account or one that has not met a threshold of sales for the last 30-days.

For more information read this article or you can contact the Amazon team for support.

I get a “Fatal” “Critical” or “Uncaught” error when searching for a product the plugin.

This is an error on Amazon API and is caused by a product being out of stock or unavailable. There is not solution since this is due to limitations from Amazon. To make sure this is the issue, google your ASIN and check to see if it’s actually unavailable on Amazon.

My question is not listed above?

You can read more FAQs here, please check this before submitting a ticket.

The Below Form Captcha Is Not Working? 

Please try submitting a ticket below first, if you can’t get the captcha working, then please send an e-mail to support {at}