Thank you for purchasing the AMZ Image plugin! The easiest and safest way for Amazon affiliates to use product images on their website. Please make sure to read the following instructions and watch the below video!

Here is a quick video tutorial of what you need to do to start using AMZ Image with written instructions below the video:

1. Copy and store your License Key – Click Here to Login & Access

2. Make sure to Download the Plugin Here

3. Upload the plugin as a Zip file under your “Plugins” section on WordPress

4. Activate the plugin and Open Plugin

5. Insert Your License Key from above in the “Key Field”

*If plugin requests a “License Secret Key” then use this: 5ace4994529386.29639890

6. Visit the Amazon Associates API Login to access your Access Key, Secret Key, and Associate Tag

7. Click Save and then Test

8. Visit any blog post and you will be able to insert images (Watch the tutorial below)

Having issues with the Keys? Review this below image:

Please contact us here if you have any questions about the installation process.